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MikroTik SXT G-2HnD
High speed 2GHz outdoor wireless device

MikroTik SXT G-2HnD

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MikroTik SXT G-2HnD
10dbi 60 degree integrated AP/Backbone/CPE, 1600mW dual chain, Gigabit Ethernet
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We are glad to introduce our first complete AP/CPE for 2.4GHz (2192-2732MHz depending on country regulations) - SXTG2HnD! It's powerful 60 degrees 2x2 MIMO 10dbi sector antenna with 1600mW wireless on-board- you can use it as a Sector AP, to make wireless point-to-point links or as a CPE- whatever you prefer! It comes with L4 license, perfect for covering outdoor area for hotspot clients.

SXT is a low cost, high speed 2GHz outdoor wireless device, now also available in 2GHz variant with a Gigabit port. SXT can be used for point to point links, as a CPE for point to multipoint installations or even as an AP/Sector because of it's wide beamwidth antenna.

Complete with a ready to mount enclosure and built-in 10dBi antenna, the package contains everything you need to set it up in a matter of minutes.

60 degrees


SXT G-2HnD Specifications
CPU Atheros AR7241 400MHz CPU
Memory 32MB DDR SDRAM onboard memory
Ethernet One 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet port, L2MTU frame size up to 4076
Wireless cards Onboard dual chain 2GHz 802.11b/g/n Atheros wireless module; 10kV ESD protection on each RF port
Extras Reset switch, beeper, USB 2.0 port, voltage and temperature monitors
LEDs Power LED, Ethernet LED, 5 wireless signal LED
Power options Power over Ethernet: 8-30V DC
Packaged with 24V DC 0.8A power adapter and passive PoE injector
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 56mm
Weight Without packaging, adapters and cables: 258g, total package: 265g
Power consumption Up to 7W
Operating temperature -30C to +80C
Operating System MikroTik RouterOS, Level4 license (CPE or AP as sector)
Certifications FCC, CE, ROHS
Box contains
  • SXT wireless device with integrated antenna
  • pole mounting bracket
  • Mounting ring
  • PoE injector
  • Power adapter
  • Quick setup guide
Wireless Specifications
Antenna Dual polarization 2GHz antenna, 10dBi, -18 dB port to port isolation,
Beam-Width: H-Plane, E-Plane typ. 60°
RX sensitivity 802.11b/g: -96 dBm @ 6Mbps to -80 dBm @ 54 Mbps
802.11n: -95 dBm @ MCS0 20MHz to -74 dBm @ MCS7 40MHz
TX power 802.11b/g: 32dBm @ 6Mbps to 29dBm @ 54 Mbps
802.11n: 32dBm @ MCS0/8 to 25dBm @ MCS7/15
Modulations OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64QAM
Included parts
Metal ring (one)
Metal ring (one)
Gigabit PoE injector
Gigabit PoE injector

Performance Test Results:

Performance Test Results
RBSXTG2HnD (400Mhz) 100M port test RouterOS
Model Configuration 64 byte 512 byte 1518 byte
kpps Mbps kpps Mbps kpps Mbps
Bridging none (fast path) 194.0 127.3 178.4 756.6 81.2 997.8
Bridging 25 bridge filter rules 53.7 35.2 52.3 221.9 51.5 633.0
Routing none (fast path) 183.7 120.5 167.0 708.1 81.2 997.8
Routing 25 simple queues 92.8 60.8 88.5 375.1 81.2 997.8
Routing 25 ip filter rules 37.5 24.6 38.4 162.6 37.6 462.4

Antenna Patterns:

Approximately 60° beamwidth in all polarizations
Approximately 60° beamwidth in all polarizations


Download the MikroTik SXT G-2HnD Data Sheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

MikroTik Products
MikroTik Wireless Systems
MikroTik SXT G-2HnD
10dbi 60 degree integrated AP/Backbone/CPE, 1600mW dual chain, Gigabit Ethernet
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